Bolton Wanderers Embargo to be lifted…

The transfer/registration embargo is thankfully due to be lifted imminently- in theory! The EFL payment apparently will hit Ken Ande… ahem Bolton Wanderers’ account shortly (next few days) which will enable King Kenneth Anderson to pay his debts and hopefully remove the embargo.

Manager Phil Parkinson has already stated he needs players to save the club from relegation, and this may be the perfect opportunity. Wanderers are said to be interested in a number of players including trialist Christofer David. However, the Bolton Reporter cannot see King Kenneth Anderson stretching the purse strings too much when he’ll have to reimburse himself handsomely for the hard work he’s doing for the club. Plus- which player would even risk coming to Bolton Wanderers after the goings on of the last few weeks?

However if King Kenneth Anderson thinks the pressure from fans will be lifted he’s got another think coming!

The Bolton Wanderers’ fans plan to disrupt the Sky TV featured game against West Brom in whichever way possible. Watch this space…

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