Embarrassing BWFC send Doidge back to Forest Green

After a minor upturn in fortunes, the latest drama hit Bolton Wanderers today. Christian Doidge has been told to rejoin his former club Forest Green Rovers. The news came via a statement from FGR chairman Dale Vince, writes the Bolton Reporter.

Just read the transcript above for the full gory details. It all sounds true- words coming from an outside source- words we’ve all thought for a long time… broken promises…. never any intention of paying for Doidge…. multiple contract breaches by Bolton Wanderers….

The saddest and most infuriating thing is that our once great club has been dragged into the mire by a crooked chairman seemingly intent on bleeding the club dry.

I apologise to Christian Doidge and Remi Matthews who have been caught up in this mess- this method of conducting business is not what the town of Bolton is all about. We are about honesty, hard work and integrity- none of which has been shown by Ken Anderson.

As you can read above, Anderson made lots of promises to FGR and Christian Doidge and has kept none of them… sound familiar???

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