The TOP 5 WORST Traffic lights in Bolton!

Sitting at one of our many traffic lights for what seemed like an age earlier today, I found myself asking…WHICH ARE THE WORST TRAFFIC LIGHTS IN BOLTON?! This is an exclusive report by the Bolton Reporter….

5. Bottom of Bury Rd turning onto Crompton Way.

Ever been stuck trying to turn right here??? Argh! Infuriating! Especially when you want to be at home on a Friday evening tucking into your beers. I carry on down Bury Rd then turn right at the Lexus Garage.

4. Thicketford Road turning right onto Crompton Way

Another terrible set of lights if you need to turn right. With minimal filter, your clutch control needs to be good when you’re crawling up the hill.

3. ASDA turning onto Blackburn Rd

Another time consuming set of lights here emptying onto a busy Blackburn Rd, which gets much worse at rush hour. Particularly worrying as your frozen chips thaw in your boot.

2. St Peter’s Way near Burger King

These lights are so slow that if I’m turning right, I turn left first then battle through town, double back on myself then pass the Travelodge on my left to get where I wanted to go in the first place!

1. Crossroads near Bristol Street Ford and Pizza Hut

Easily the slowest lights in town, so much do that if you are turning right from St Peter’s Way, you need to battle through the lights or face easily another ten minute wait!

Let me know what you think of these lights in the comments section!

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