Trotters fans demand Parkinson exit

Following the dismal defeat last night against Aston Villa, The Bolton Reporter can reveal loyal Trotters fans are urging Ken Anderson to sack manager Phil Parkinson with immediate effect in a necessary bid to save Bolton’s season. A quick look at Twitter seems to back this up… type in #bwfc and see what comes up…

Ken Anderson and Phil Parkinson yesterday

@RyanBwfc12 “Why should we keep rolling over and accept defeat? Sick of watching shite every week, then getting it passed off as improvement. It’s not good enough #bwfc

@mikehesp “It won’t get any better as long as PP is in charge at #bwfc. Time for him to go.”

@jcook95 “Honestly Ken Anderson shut up! You and Parkinson are making us in to a laughing stock. Killing off fans every week” #bwfc

@fowkes81 “… We’ve seen it with the previous three managers and it is happening again. Parkinson must go.”

Indeed a Twitter poll by The Bolton Reporter asked simply, “Should Parkinson be sacked… yes or no? It currently stands at 67% in favour of a sacking.

To be honest, one of two things needs to happen for the club to progress. First, Anderson needs to sell the club to a backer with ALOT of cash and a decent plan. I mean really let’s look at Leicester City- not too much bigger than Bolton and look what they achieved over a short space of time? Why can’t Bolton achieve the same? Completely possible. Completely possible.

Secondly, I am in favour of sacking Parkinson. There are viable alternatives waiting in the wings proven at this level. I just feel that for all the good Parkinson has done, it needs a new man with fresh ideas to brighten the club up. The only question remaining is whether we can afford to sack Parkinson, and I’m afraid the answer is no, so we are a kind of limbo until a decent backer can be found.

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