Uninspiring… and the Parkinson pressure builds…

Well after watching that second half detritus I can imagine that most Trotters fans were thinking the same as the Bolton Reporter in that the display… albeit against a (crap) football giant, that there was absolutely nothing to gain.


We all went into the game half thinking we could nab a point or even nick a late winner…



Nothing doing here. Bolton looked inept and devoid of ideas but what’s the difference there, it’s something we have grown used to. Bolton, sorry as I am to say it, are really, if we’re honest, a League 1 club. The team are pretty awful, and will be lucky to stave off relegation, and the board do not seem to have any idea about a long term plan for success.

However, with a few changes within the club- namely new owners (with a plan), or if Anderson grows a local conscience, the club could change.However, the way things are going, The Bolton Reporter does not see any change in the club’s fortunes for years to come.

Alot of pressure has been heaped on Parkinson. Rightly so, however, without backing and support from the board what chance has he got? Bolton Wanderers Football Board need to make a choice

  1. new manager with a more attacking slant
  2. sell the club to more ambitious owners.




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