Who is Bolton boss Anderson blaming now?

In his latest big mouthed tirade, the Bolton Reporter can reveal the owner of Bolton Wanderers, Ken Anderson, has reiterated his need to keep the financial belts buckled tightly. However, in a big turn of events, Ken Anderson appeared to blame the fans for Bolton’s lack of spending power.


“Our budget will only improve through increased commercial, ticketing and hospitality revenues and that is where our supporters can help”- Ken Anderson, sourced from the Bolton News Website.

Well aren’t we sorry Ken? Supporters mustn’t be digging into their pockets spending their hard earned cash easily enough! What he doesn’t seem to understand is that for most hard working people, even just attending the match on Saturdays is an expensive affair. Plus, these days there are many other activities to do on a Saturday afternoon, never mind pressure to take part in family activities.

So for Ken Anderson to bemoan the lack of investment by supporters- I find this absolutely preposterous. He should count himself lucky that Bolton Wanderers attract the current amount of fans that they do considering the awful football on display. Maybe if they played better football they could attract more supporters!

As the months turn into years, it seems increasingly clear that Ken Anderson can simply not attract the required investment necessary to thrive in modern day football. Let’s say that Bolton Wanderers survive the Championship drop this year, I am sorry but inevitable will only be being delayed. Bolton are overall on an unstoppable decline with the current ownership.

Hats off to Anderson, he saved Bolton Wanderers from going to the wall, but without attracting investment, he needs to seriously find new owners if the club is going to do anything other than stagnate.

Poor football = no supporters = no money to fund decent football.

Bolton are currently swimming with sharks inside a vicious watery circle.

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