Soapstar in Bolton Christmas Lights Switch On Shocker!

Bolton Reporter can reveal that Bolton will have a noted superstar to turn on their Christmas lights this year. Kim Kardashian? No. Lower your bar. David Beckham? No, much lower. Hmmm, local superstar Peter Kay? Ha, no. Local hero Paddy McGuinness? No keep going… oh go on who is it?

Alan Halsall.


Alan Halsall?


Go on… you know Alan Halsall, the guy who plays Tyrone on Corrie… hmmm, I doubt the procession of Christmas revellers will be much to write home about during the big ‘switch on’ on Thursday 22nd November. Button to be pushed at 7pm by the way…

“Good evening and Merry Christmas Bolton! Er… where are they?” This of course is certainly not a dig at Walkden’s finest Mr Halsall, no not at all, even if it seems like it is. This is a dig at, once again, Bolton Council who stumble from one catastrophe to the next. The bungling and stumbling over the Bolton Half Marathon, the Asons debacle, potential closures of the town’s premier shopping stores, not to mention big shops like Beales which have already hit the wall. The selection of Halsall to switch on the Christmas lights is just symptomatic of a body that has well and truly lost its way, is completely uninspiring and are well on the way to letting Bolton destroy itself whilst other rival towns such as Bury seem to go from strength to strength.

Something needs to be done. Bolton deserves better than this mess. Boltonians are a proud people, and they are struggling to feel proud of their town. When we go into Bolton Town Centre we see boarded up shops and smell the stink of numerous homeless folk begging for loose change. The blame lies at the doorstep of Bolton Council, and they need to shape up, or ship out, or Bolton will go to the dogs.

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