Bolton people horrified at Debenhams potential closure

The chains clink round the door handles and the padlock snaps shut… Bolton’s flagship store- Debenhams- closes for the last time…


This is a nightmare that the Bolton Reporter will not be reporting upon… hopefully. Already a plethora of Bolton town centre stores have closed their doors for good- Beales being a notable absence- leaving the town centre looking bereft, shabby and run down. Coupled with the current homelessness problem blighting the town, it is easy to see why people fear the worst for Bolton’s high street.

Not long ago, Bolton town centre was the place to go, attracting people from all over the North West- boasting the Bolton WaterPlace, numerous attractive high street stores and the bespoke  The Market Place- catastrophically destroyed by Bolton Council in favour of an unclear mess of empty promises.

The Vaults- a new multi million pound development- promised to turn the tide for Bolton but has hardly delivered at all. Onlookers have seen no new increase in footfall and has secured the futures of no shops or developments in the area. In a time when local rivals Bury have seen their town centre transformed into the largest shopping area outside Manchester City Centre, Bolton has languished in the dolldrums for far too long.

The loyal people of Bolton deserve better. A lot better. They deserve a town centre to be proud of. One that attracts people from outside of the area, not fighting to keep pound stores and charity shops open. The blame rest firmly at the door of Bolton Council- surely the most backward looking council in the country. It now feels as if Bolton Council wishes to destroy the town and the people in it.

If Debenhams does close, which looks increasingly likely, where now for Bolton town centre? Who will fill the huge premises of Debenhams? Will it encourage other chain stores to close down as well? One thing is certain, Bolton is quickly falling down the pan, and it will take something supersonic to halt this decline…

The chains clink shut on Bolton’s flagship store… Debenhams…


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